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"Great things are rarely done by one person, they're done by a team of people" -Steve Jobs
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Ragged Edge Solutions is a veteran-owned small business that believes great things are accomplished by a team. We are proud to be partners and supporters of other small businesses and veteran-owned initiatives.

AST offers a wide range of innovative educational services and support to our military, state and local government and civilian clients. From curriculum development and training to instruction and practical exercise, AST instructors have successfully worked around the globe performing training and educational contracts.

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Empowering the lives or our nation's Veterans through motorsports, health, wellness and employment opportunities.

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Casualty Resources  provides professional casualty simulation training (CAS SIM) and amputee actors for the treatment of trauma patients during Military & Emergency Services training.

Pineland Resources Inc. is dedicated to developing and providing specialized realistic training for Military, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and other organizations and individuals as well as providing services for Disaster Recovery operations.

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Your friendly neighborhood resource for disruptive rescue.

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30 Years of high altitude, crew-served weapons, and extreme terrain pack animal supply trains. 


The Ultimate Immersive Learning Experience For Emergency Medical Training.

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