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"Any fool can know, the point is to understand." - Albert Einstein
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RES is led by a team of former U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) medical personnel with extensive leadership, operational and clinical backgrounds in special operations combat medicine as trauma surgeons, intensivists, physician assistants, trauma nurses, and SOF enlisted medical personnel.  Throughout their careers, these personnel were instrumental in not only identifying gaps in existing battlefield medicine, but in creating solutions which included the creation of, and the defining of the term Prolonged Field Care (PFC).  Through years of research, development, and joint service collaboration these members successfully developed and implemented groundbreaking solutions, each of which is extremely relevant to the operational preparedness of special operations as they move away from developed medical support and deeper into the undefined battle lines typical of modern theaters of war.  Our team's history includes efforts and projects including: the Special Operations Medicine Scientific Assembly (SOMSA), the Special Operations Medic Coalition (SOM+C), The Prolonged Field Care Working Group (PFCWG); Special Operations Forces Austere Critical Care Course (SOFACC); Regional Support Medic (RSM) Course; Mountain Path PFC Course; Numerous DoD publications, best practices, and clinical practice guidelines on PFC.


RAGGED EDGE SOLUTIONS (RES) has developed and pioneered solution sets and programs of instruction to help military and government agencies stay ahead of operational trends. We coordinate and implement tailored logistics solutions that are proprietary to each client. Our current focus resides within the area of extended prolonged field care and its use of indigenous assets across real-world settings that replicate resource-poor environments.



RAGGED EDGE SOLUTIONS easily integrates with established training matrices bridging existing performance expectations and quickly enhancing unit, group and organizational capabilities and strategic outcomes. Most importantly, RES is about putting the right people in the right room to solve problems.  We are passionate about providing you with turn-key resource management for mission-critical training. 

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